Valentine Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedrooom: Romantic Touches in the Bedroom Inspire Passion and Renew Love

According to anthropologist Helen Fisher in Why We Love, a key element to creating a sustainable romantic relationship is to cultivate romance everyday. One way to do this is to pay attention to the surroundings. As the most intimate space a couple can share, the bedroom deserves special attention on Valentine’s Day and all year long.

Nothing can kill romance quicker than a messy bedroom. Having to push a pile of laundry off the bed is not a good prelude to love. A television in the bedroom is another turn-off. The bedroom should be conceptualized as a space where a couple can escape the tensions of work and domestic duties. It is not only a place for sleeping; most essentially it is a sanctuary for lovers.

Soft Furnishings Transform the Bedroom into a Romantic Sanctuary

If this sounds like overkill, think again. As noted author, Riane Eisler, notes in her book, Sacred Pleasure, sex is sacred. It is celebrated with candles, music, flowers, and wine, the stuff of religious rituals. It is not foolish, then, to think of the bedroom as a sacred place where a couple can renew their covenant with one another and experience the passion that serves to bond them and sustain them through difficult times.

In conceptualizing the bedroom as a sanctuary, the first step is to study the existing arrangement. The color scheme, the style of bedding and window dressing, the soft furnishings and decorations – all should be surveyed with a critical eye. Simple changes in less expensive furnishings can make a big difference in overall effect. A pretty throw can transform an ugly chair. A runner adds color to the tops of dressers. Throw rugs add splashes of color to old carpets. Fresh paint in a pretty or bold color works wonders. And fresh or dried, flowers always add a romantic touch.

Soft Lighting Creates a Romantic Mood

Whatever the style, all bedrooms can accommodate small changes that will create a romantic mood. Candles are a favorite and votives in glass or ceramic holders make lovely statements of personal taste. Luxury-scented candles such as those made by Voluspa do double duty, providing a rich fragrance and, with their pretty tins, adding visual appeal.

Candles are not the only possibility though. Decorative electric lighting can effect a dramatic change. Diode lights on small strips are a good choice and can be easily mounted or attached with sticky strips to surfaces. Ikea offers an assortment of different styles, some casting a single color or others which slowly run through the spectrum.

Lampshades are another option. Most lamps come with the standard shade in a neutral color. Adding a decorative shade in fabric or leather will accentuate the other furnishings and, if done in color, cast a lovely light as well. Spot lights in a corner also add interest to a room.

Romantic Touches Make a Special Space for Lovers

There is no limit to the imaginative possibilities for transforming a bedroom into a special space for lovers. Each couple will take into consideration style preferences, but whether it’s Southwest, modern minimalist, or anything in between, adding romantic touches to the bedroom is one of the most basic but dramatic ways to invite passion into a relationship. And that is something couples can benefit from, not just at Valentine’s Day, but year-round.


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